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Control Panel

control panel
Electrical control panels find utilization in households and industries. Various panels are meant for specific purposes and provide power supply to the equipment’s in the most efficient and safe manner. Different control panels include L T Panels, Distribution Panels and Capacitor Panels. The main LT panels are electrical distribution boards that find service in circulation of electricity to various electronic devices. Such panels get power from transformer or generator and then deliver power to the specified area. LT panels have wide applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles and chemicals. These panels are manufactured using high quality copper, CR sheet and other materials so that they have long and safe lifespan.
They are designed in such a way that they consume low electricity, thus making them pocket friendly. Distribution panels find broad applications in pharmaceuticals, electrical, small and medium sized enterprises. The principle of operation is based on the concept that supply is distributed to multiple nodes through a single source. These Distribution Panels are fitted with Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) to make sure that they function smoothly. Such panels are very effective in monitoring and controlling heavy equipment. These panels can be totally customized depending upon the specific needs of the clients.
Besides LT Panels or Distribution Panel the other major type of control panel is the Capacitor Panel. Capacitor panels accurately monitor the power factor of different electrical equipment with the help of power factor controllers. These panels are manufactured using top quality materials which reduce the electricity bill to great extent.We Techstrong Systems have become a renowned name all over India because of our high quality Control Panels. The features of our products alone have generated immense consumer satisfaction. Needless to say that trust and faith are the key factors that shape the success of any organization. We believe the importance of maintaining relationships so it’ll come as no surprise that 94% of our revenues come from existing clients.