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MCB Manufacturers

MCB’s which stand for Miniature Circuit Breakers are created in such a way as to protect the cable downstream of the devices against short circuits and overloads, thereby preventing damage to wires and equipment. The basic principle of MCB is magnetic fault protection which triggers it at one-tenth of a second when the overload reaches a specified level. They are installed in the contemporary consumer units, and are an appropriate alternative to fuses because they can be reset without having to replace the cable with a simple flick of switch. Broadly there are 3 types of MCB’s Type B, Type C and Type D, and the speed with which they trip is based on the level of overload and is usually decided by a thermal device within the MCB. Type C and D are used for industrial use whereas type B is mostly used in homes.
MCB works by tripping when a short circuit has occurred in or the circuit gets overloaded with current. The rating is defined in Kilo amperes which also describes its ability to work. They usually have a current rating 6A or 10A which depends on it intended use such as commercial, industrial or residential use. For example if used for industrial application, the rating is around 10kA but if used for household applications the rating is 6KA. An important thing to keep in mind while selecting the type of MCB is that it should be accordance with BS 7671 requirements to prevent unwanted tripping.
Techstrong Systems is the leading producer and supplier of MCB’s in Delhi NCR. With dedication and commitment we provide customized solutions to our clients. We employ a team of expert professionals who years of experience in their respective fields. All our products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standards. The research and development department of our company constantly direct their endeavors to enhance and innovate our product range to make them in confirmation with the industrial standards.