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CFL Lights in India

Shopping is usually a fun filled task but shopping for light bulbs can be difficult. In the late 90’s people went to the store and bought fluorescent light bulb. But these light bulbs were deemed inefficient and many got banned from stores since 2010. This leaves us selecting from a range of approved energy efficient alternatives such as CFL.
A Compact Fluorescent lamp (CFL) is a fluorescent lamp designed to replace an incandescent lamp. CFL bulbs are made of glass tubes filled with gas. Light is emitted when these gas molecules in a CFL bulb become excited by electricity running between two electrodes at its base. The gas emits an invisible ultraviolet light that becomes visible when it hits the white coating inside the CFL bulb thus generating pleasing and wide spread general light.
These lamps have gained huge popularity in everyday life due to a number of hard lined features. These bulbs are highly energy efficient as they use one-fifth the power of incandescent bulb. These new bulbs are highly durable because they have a lifespan of more than 10,000 hours in comparison to the mere 750 hours of the fluorescent bulb. These bulbs generate low heat on operation, thereby cutting home cooling costs. These bulbs are eco-friendly ad help reduce the carbon emissions to great extent. Though these lamps are initially expensive, but they make up for the investment since there is hardly any need to replace them for a long time.
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